Columbia University

Improving Patient Experience


Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) provides global leadership in scientific research, health and medical education, and patient care. Its faculty practice, ColumbiaDoctors, provides patients with the expertise of more than 1,700 highly regarded physicians, surgeons, dentists, and nurses, coupled with the prestige of Columbia University, one of the nation’s oldest and finest universities.

CUMC partnered with Phase2 to refresh the visual experience of and its sub-site, Children’s Health. Together, we built upon Columbia’s existing brand identity to bring forward a modern, yet prestigious energy that represents their rich experience and life changing work.

Key Services

  • Content Strategy
  • Brand & Identity
  • Creative Design
  • User Experience
  • Content Management

Hope through Design: the Children’s Health Sub-Brand

Working with Columbia’s design team, we established a sub-brand identity for Children’s Health that introduced design elements -– such as a new color palette, typography, and imagery -– to evoke feelings of warmth, while providing an authentic and trustworthy experience for parents looking for a provider for their child and connecting parents with the expert care.
Mobile device showing the CUMC website

Visual Identity through Intentional Design

Through a collaborative, iterative design process, we brought out colors from their brand guidelines that support Columbia’s vibrant and cutting-edge culture, using imagery that evokes feelings of health and wellness and represents the energy of New York.
Styles from the CUMC website

Attentive Service At Every Touchpoint

The team at CUMC consists of some of the most notable specialists in their fields, who employ an exceptional collaborative approach that sets them apart in comprehensive interdisciplinary care. They recognize that every patient is unique, and are champions of each one’s health and treatment.

This care and attention is reflected in their new digital presence, through high-touch design and a UX that supports patients and their families. In all things, medical and digital, CUMC remains committed to making a difference in the lives of its patients.