Humanitarian ID



The Humanitarian.ID app is a truly groundbreaking contact management system which alleviates many long-standing problems plaguing disaster relief efforts. Revolutionary in its purpose and approach, the app - architected and developed by Phase2 for the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) - has the potential to transform the way humanitarian organizations and volunteers communicate during a crisis, ultimately allowing their efforts to be more efficient and save more lives

Key Services

  • Digital Strategy
  • Product Planning and Roadmapping
  • Application Development
  • User experience
  • Information architecture
  • Performance and optimization
  • API and system integration
  • Accessibility

Improved Knowledge Management in Crisis

Before the Humanitarian.ID app, a massive knowledge management gap bogged down relief efforts in many crisis zones. In a process divorced from web technology, the UN maintained responder contact lists using static spreadsheets, which were stored on hard drives and shared with thumbdrives. With the creation of the app, Humanitarian organizers can now keep up-to-date check-in records, track people in dangerous areas using geolocation technology, and know the affiliations of the volunteers available to them.
A quote from David Spira, Phase2 Experience Analyst, onsite demo in the Philippines: Almost immediately I saw big smiles, and nods of agreement. That was followed by people clutching their phones and registering on the spot.

High Performance in Remote Locations

We designed the app to be lightweight to maintain high performance in even the most remote crisis zones. Requiring minimal bandwidth, Humanitarian.ID will effectively support hundreds of users in any given location. Its simple user interface was crafted by Phase2 analysts who took the time to understand precisely what volunteers needed.

"We’ve heard a lot of anecdotal stories about how the app has helped individuals seeking specific people in Nepal. For instance, there was a shelter organization looking to transport their materials, and they were contacted by a group with the ability to do that. We’ve had many stories about people finding each other through H.ID and being able to connect in ways that weren’t possible before." - Andrej Verity, OCHA Programme Officer

Mobile device showing Humanitarian ID app

Improving Coordination to Save Lives

Responders are better enabled to provide their relevant information with personalized profiles and digital check-in options. For active humanitarian aid workers, an authentication system allows users to check in to different disasters and use various crisis websites (like OCHA’s ReliefWeb) from a single profile. Not only does the app improve coordination, it enhances volunteer safety and accelerates the process of delivering aid to those in need.
A quote from the client: In these desperate situations, coordination is critical. The Humanitarian.ID is a major step forward in the right direction.